Agrocom Group 2018 Financial Results


Group’s consolidated gross sales amounted 751million EUR.

EBITDA- 59 million EUR.

Annual tax payments- 509 million EUR (including Tobacco business- complex for 7 moth of 2018- 467 million EUR).

Agrocom Group is among 200 largest private companies in Russia according to the FORBES magazine.

Package and casing branch (PCF Atlantis-Pak, LLC)

Company’s net sales increased to 114,2 million EUR (2017: 98,1 million EUR), growth was 16%.

Annual tax payments amounted 20,1 million EUR (2017: 16,5 million EUR).

Sales geography covers more than 90 countries of the world. Company continues to expand into new territories such as Ireland, Nepal, Bangladesh and Haiti.

Meat-processing branch (Group of companies TAVR)

In 2018 production was 39, 9 tones of sausages and semi-finished products. Best-selling product is sausages Hannoversky, with total sales 7,5 tones.

Company reached sales growth of dumplings- 40% higher than during the same period last year. Production was 1,3 tones of dumplings.

Company introduced 24 new products into the market. Total sales of 2018 was 665 tones.

Annual tax payments amounted 7б2 million EUR.

Pig factory Batayskoe sold 6,9 tones of pigs which is 23,2% higher than in 2017.

EBITDA- 1,9 million EUR.

Volume of investment-100 000 EUR

Forecast for 2019- growth of sales by 2,7%.

Sales of the retail chain Tavrovskie Myasnye Lavki amounted 6,8 tones of sausages and semi-finished products. Net sales – 30 000 EUR. The average number of shops in 2018 was 86.

Construction brunch (AksayStroyProm, LLC)

Sales of AksayStroyProm amounted 718 thousand sq, meters of paving slab and 589 thousand concrete goods.

Net sales - 6,63 million EUR.

EBITDA - 0,9 million EUR.

Net income in 2018 was 0,34 million EUR

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