The preparation work to start the constructing of a new meat-processing plant begins in April


The enterprise is planned to be built in the Southern Bataysk industrial park, Rostov region.

The project will be implemented in three stages, the first one is the transfer of the current Rostov sausage plant TAVR to the Bataysk industrial zone. Today three projects of a new enterprise are being considered. The productivity of the first stage of the production complex will make up 150 tons of goods a day. Following the last trends of the consumer market the productivity of the half-made products will be increased greatly. The company plans to start the production in the new place in the second half of 2019. The volume of investments is about 3 billion roubles.

Sergey Sapotnitsky, the general director of Agrocom Group says: «The start of a new project means the implementation of the agreement signed by our Group and the Rostov region Government at the Saint-Petersburg economic forum last year. The implementation of all the project stages means not only the constructing of a large modern meat-processing plant but also a large logistic complex which demands additional investments of 1,5-2 billion roubles.
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